June 8, 2014 Launch

After a long delay, we had a perfect day for a launch and decided to send the Estes D-Region Tomahawk up for the first time!

This rocket has been in the building phase for a few months do to a delay in the painting process, but it was complete enough to have a first launch. The final paint and clear coat could wait.

I think someone is very happy!
Its as tall as he is!

This is currently the largest rocket in our fleet, and we were hoping for a good flight on an Estes E9-6.


Once the rocket was loaded on the rail, we tilted it up and prepared for launch. The launch controller was hooked up and showed good continuity through the ignitor sothe count down started!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Launch!
I was a little slow on the shutter and the rocket had already left the pad.

There was no delay between launch and ignition, and the rocket wasted no time in accelerating off the pad into the sky!

As the rocket climbed, it hit a layer of wind and weather cocked over the top of us. As one observer commented, it looked like an ICBM laying over after launch. As it continued to curve over, I was beginning to think we were going to have bad ending, but the delay finally burned through, and the deployment charge popped the nose cone out and the chute popped. It then drifted down for a landing in the field about 200 yards away from the launch pad.

All parts present and accounted for!

After inspection, it appeared that rocket had survived with no damage other than two loose fins on the side that impacted the ground. This was easily fixed and the rocket is ready for its final painting and hopefully many more flights in the future.

Everyone loves a happy ending!