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July 24, 2016 Launch

Having taken a year off to pursue other interests, we are getting back to the rockets, and are starting to get a bit more serious! Having recently joined National Association of Rocketry, and with plans to pursue a High Power Certification in the near future, the latest launch involved one of the largest 29mm reloadable …

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June 15, 2014 Launch

After spending a few hours launching the T-Bolt air rocket, the weather improved to the point it looked like it might be suitable for launching our Payloader II with its included Lego astronaut. The first try didn’t go so well with the Estes C6-5 motor ignigting without issue but the rocket failed to leave the …

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June 11, 2014 Launch

After being without any rocket motors for a few months, we got a few packs to try out some of the small rockets. Iain helped load the motors and ignitors in the rockets and then used his Estes mini-launch pad and controller to send the rockets flying. Both rockets launched without issue and were successful …

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June 8, 2014 Launch

After a long delay, we had a perfect day for a launch and decided to send the Estes D-Region Tomahawk up for the first time! This rocket has been in the building phase for a few months do to a delay in the painting process, but it was complete enough to have a first launch. …

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Launch 1/20/2014

After completing a simple Estes Eliminator kit (modifying it with rail buttons rather than the standard tube guides) and purchasing some E9-6 motors, I was finally able to test my new rail launch pad. The pad is made using a Rockwell JawStand for the base. This gives an adjustable head to tilt the rail if …

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1st Flights of 2014

As the day dawned bright, sunny, and with just a slight breeze, it seemed the perfect time to launch some of Iain’s new rockets. At 25 degrees, it was brisk, but not freezing. A total of five rockets were launched with only one failed ignitor, which was easily replaced. All rockets were recovered without damage, …

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2nd Test Flight

This test flight incorporated the 808 Car Key Camera to document the flight, along with the first use of the full MRLC system controller and ignition system prototypes. The launch was a success and the rocket and camera were recovered without damage.

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