1st Flights of 2014

As the day dawned bright, sunny, and with just a slight breeze, it seemed the perfect time to launch some of Iain’s new rockets. At 25 degrees, it was brisk, but not freezing.


A total of five rockets were launched with only one failed ignitor, which was easily replaced. All rockets were recovered without damage, although two chutes failed to open.


The MRLC launch control system continued to function as expected, and we were able to successfully test the continuity check function on the battery box!


We used the 808 Car Key Camera to document the flight of the L.G.M 0095 rocket with Booster-55. We used  C-6-5 AND D-12-0 Estes rocket motors, and recovered the rocket about 200 yards from the launch site!   The following are some stills from the launch and a video at the end. (Note, the date and time on the video is incorrect.)

The ignition of the 2nd motor and ejection of the booster!
The launch site from the air.
A great view of the houses from near to top of the flight!
A view to the north as the rocket begins to layover.
Another view as the rocket descends.